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A member's compliance with the Association's rules begins with the purchase of an
undeveloped lot or an existing dwelling. Construction of a new dwelling and related
landscaping plans must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee which must
approve the plans and issue a permit prior to commencement of construction. Forms and
procedures to begin the approval process are set forth in the Governing Documents Section
under the link "Architectural Review Committee Rules and Regulations"

Owners of Undeveloped Lots are expected to keep them in neat condition and free of fire
hazards and other hazardous materials.

Members selling their undeveloped or developed lot and purchasers thereof are required to
comply with sections 6 and 7 and Appendix A, respectively, of the Finance Committee's
Rules and Regulations in the Governing Documents Section of this website.

Property Owners are welcome at all Committee Meetings and are encouraged to attend. Your
input to each Committee is your way to be a part of the community. Your thoughts and
concerns will be considered with respect to the Rules and Regulations. If a Committee cannot
solve a problem then they will bring it before the Board of Directors and a solution will be
determined. To find out when a particular Committee meets, contact the Chairman or contact
any of the Officers on the Contacts Page.
To conduct the Association's
operations, member
volunteers are elected by the
membership to a Board of
Directors which, in turn,
makes appointments to
certain standing and other
The Board of Directors
determines which director
shall serve as President, Vice
President, Treasurer,
Secretary and Nominating.
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